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Why Berlin?

Berlin has 3.7 Million inhabitants, 40.000 newly founded start-ups a year, is the center of creative industry and technology providers and thus a good place to study.

In 2019, ICN opened another campus in the heart of the Berlin, which stresses the international orientation of the business school. With almost 40% foreign students, the university attaches big value to tolerance, diversity and commitment.

Berlin was temporarily part of the Hanseatic League as early as the 14th century and attracted people from all over the world. Today, the city attracts numerous specialists from many countries and thus makes Berlin a colorful, young and exciting city.
Companies such as Microsoft, Siemens, Amazon, Google, Fujitsu, Zalando and not least Tesla have also recognized this and have settled here. As an international hub, Berlin is well connected and attractive for large corporations, established medium-sized companies and innovative start-ups.

Our master’s programs in marketing, finance and digital management prepare students for the challenges of everyday working life in a multinational company with the help of case studies, discussion groups, internships and projects. Soft skills training, language training and start-up workshops complete the formation.

Our programs

MSc in Digital Transformation Management

  • – Teach executives a broad range of digital sector skills, essential for managers in today’s companies and industries (4.0).
  • – Provide students with the specific skills on disruptive technologies already employed by these pioneering businesses (artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.).
  • – Produce responsible and creative managers who have mastered the core elements of digital and the tools used within a corporate setting.


MSc in Finance and Risk Management

In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis and against the background of the current low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB), most organizations in the financial industry are facing a lot of challenges :  governance and behavioral aspects in relation to internal risk management, insurance companies face major challenges of investing the assets under management in the financial markets due to the current low interest rate policy of the ECB amongst others.
These organizations are actively seeking postgraduates who are disciplined in finance. Especially insurance companies, which are one of the hugest institutional investors in the world, are searching for postgraduates in asset and risk management. Therefore, the program is designed for students who want to work in both, the public and private financial / insurance sector, for example as risk and asset managers.

MSc in Marketing and Brand Management

This two-year full-time program will give you the strategic and creative skills to enhance an organization’s brand equity and implement effective marketing programs. During the first year you will understand the fundamentals of branding and communication strategies in a digital society. During the second year you will improve your proficiencies in graphic design, visual composition, product development, startup projects, social media campaigns, and event planning and sponsorship.